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Behind every product is its origin story. Why did you create this incredible doo-hickey that touches the lives of thousands of people every year? How has it impacted the community? Perhaps you know the answer but need a little nudge to get your message to the right people. Let Freddy help you find your brand’s voice with copy so good, potential customers can’t ignore you.


Package One

Includes up to twenty social media posts, five ads (each not to exceed sixty seconds), and two blogs (each not to exceed 250 words).


Package Two

Includes up to ten social media posts, three ads (each not to exceed sixty seconds), and one blog (each not to exceed 250 words).


audio production

Freddy has made a name for himself as one of the best producers in radio. Let him take the sound of your brand and make it punch through the speakers (or earbuds). All production runs through a rigorous editing process using the latest edition of ProTools.

Includes ninety seconds of audio. That's one 60-second ad and two 15s, or three 30s. Maybe six 15s? Mix and match and you’re on your way.


You’ve got the copy. Now you need a voice to tell your brand’s story. Someone with a warm, approachable voice. Recognizable. That’s where Freddy comes in. From commercial ads and telephone messages to audiobook narration and video tutorials, he’s got you covered. 


Contact Freddy for a price quote. He'll help you stretch your dollar with a custom package suitable to your needs.

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You’ve worked hard to establish your brand. Long hours, nights, weekends, holidays. In fact, you don’t have customers and clients. You have fans, and this fandom clamors for your next product to drop. Having a professionally produced podcast will engage them in ways the competition can only dream of. And it’s easier than ever, too. So rather than “voluntell” your prized employee to start a podcast when they’ve already got a thousand other things to do, let Freddy do the heavy lifting. He’ll voice and produce your show open and close and plan your podcast. All you have to do is cozy up to the mic and do your thing, you media mogul, you.


Contact Freddy for a price quote. He'll help you stretch your dollar with a custom package suitable to your needs.


Your product is already killing it. You have the means but need a spark to light the fuse that will help your brand blow up (in a good way, of course). Schedule a consultation with Freddy and you'll be on your way to elevating the business or brand you've worked so hard to build!

creative consulting

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